Tapes ‘n Tapes ‘n Tapes ‘n Tapes

Got the next tape put together for travel by automobile. After seeing Girls at 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, I’m leading this tape off with “Lust for Life.” Natch. 21 November 2009 –… Continue reading

Time for another mix tape

Need a new hour-long tape to act as my radio station in my car. So here’s another installment. 60-minute cassette like always. The beginning of the title is, of course, 31 October 2009… Continue reading

Baseball in the 2000s

Taking a completely unbiased approach, I ranked each Major League Baseball franchise based on its performance throughout the decade. I assigned a point value to each squad based on how it did at… Continue reading

Oh yeah, this blog.

See, I warned you that I would have random blog hiatus. Anyway, it’s been a crazy week for a lot of reasons. The only crazy neighbor update I have is that Sheggy asked… Continue reading

The Neighbor

No real updates on Shrubgate, but the crazy next door neighbor, “Sheggy Pultz” is confirming further her ultimate neighbor status. She is currently having the trashy neighbors from two doors down construct in… Continue reading

More Stripes

Maybe we need to do an epic sound check next time. Ah well.

Is SHE insane, or are the VOICES IN HER HEAD insane?

About a month ago, I got creative with a chain saw, and I cut down the giant, overgrown shrubs in front of our house to about 1/3 of their original size. They were… Continue reading

First Fantasy Team of the Year

Overall: Running backs aren’t that great, but at least I picked up Leon Washington if Thomas Jones is a complete disaster. Willie Parker isn’t the worst fallback in the world, either. He’d be better if he got some TDs.


Had a sort of practice today. I forgot the mini mixer, so we didn’t have vocals. I also forgot the Gabe, so we didn’t have bass. There was pizza, though. Pretty sure we’re… Continue reading

18 August, 2009 Mix Tape!

Des Moines has its advantages, and it has its disadvantages. One major disadvantage: all its radio stations are THE SUCK. We don’t have anything as remotely awe-inspiring as Minneapolis’ The Current. Really about… Continue reading

Barfing Noises

Bears make it as far as the NFC Championship game. Packers are one and done with a wild card berth. The Mississippi red neck doesn’t do much more than sell ugly purple jerseys, and he throws more interceptions than his 18 touchdowns.

Are You Kidding Me?

You know, though, I kind of hope he’s right. I want this egomaniac exposed for what he is (I’m not sure who out there doesn’t yet recognize him as a demented narcissist, but you’re apparently out there somewhere). If Favre does in fact sign with the Vikings, ESPECIALLY after announcing publicly that he wouldn’t, who out there is still drinking the Favre-is-God Kool-Aid?

Best Albums of the Decade

Since we’re coming to the end of the first decade where I’ve been old enough to really pay attention throughout the entire thing, I figured: LET’S MAKE A LIST OF THE BEST FRIGGIN ALBUMS OF THE DECADE. Contributors: those smarties I just bragged about.

Need an intermediate clumsy header.

Alright … I need your help to decide which I should use as a header for now until I create a real one. Here they are: