2016: The Year in Music, Part 2 of 4

Back with an annual list: Part 2 of 4 of some of my favorite songs of 2016. I love being able to find live, in-studio performances or decent live recordings (whenever possible) of these tunes to get a better feel for them. And the studio recordings for good measure.

The Shins: “Dead Alive”

Drugdealer ft. Sheer Agony: “The Real World”

Drowners: “Someone Else is Getting In”

The I Don’t Cares: “Whole Lotta Nothin”

Wilco: “Someone To Lose”

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: “Nobody Dies”

Cymbals Eat Guitars: “Have a Heart”

A Giant Dog: “Jizzney”

Danny Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar: “Really Doe”