White Sox Uniform Concept Updates

Awhile back, I shared some ideas for what I think the White Sox should do with their uniforms. It got shared on Uni Watch, too. Real cool, you guys.

I’ve since made a few tweaks to them, including a new patch design (or really just a modernization of an old classic).

With so many interesting past uniforms, I think the Sox have a unique opportunity to have a wide range of uniforms in their arsenal … but they can do it while being true to their roots rather than being the Oregon Ducks of Major League Baseball. Hopefully you’ll get the sense that I’m quite the traditionalist when it comes to uniforms.

These are largely coming from the same place: Mining the broad uniform history of my favorite team and unifying them with certain elements — notably the addition of red and elements of the Chicago flag.

But remember, these are the White Sox. They’re not from Boston. So I didn’t want to overdo the red. I just wanted to give it a little punch.

Anywho, this is where I am with these now. Seriously, I think they should wear ’em. I would.


Here’s a detail of the primary logo and patch design on a baseball background because the White Sox play baseball:


Obviously I’ve run across quite a few other designs on the World Wide Interwebs. I’m not looking to insult anybody, but some have given me ideas more than others. It’s just a matter of difference in taste. While I tried to reintroduce older uniforms and give them some cohesiveness, I think it’s important to not fall into the trap of Frankensteining concepts together that don’t work together.

While I had the reversed out “Chicago” script on my first iteration of primary road uniforms, I think the script with the more retro and detached capital ‘C’ Matt Malinoski used worked a little better. He also incorporated the winged sock that I’ve always been partial to. 

In a couple posts I’ve run across, Thomas Juettner also incorporated the flying sock and the same retro “Chicago” script. His designs go a little overboard on the red and get a little too far away from the classic look for my taste, but he did some good work. See 1, 2.