Bingo Jet Had Light Out

How Lyrics Get Misinterpreted in the 2000s, Vol. 1:

Upon searching the lyrics for the King Tuff song, “Headbanger,” I came across MULTIPLE sites that publish the following lyrics:

Me and you, we got a true connection
I knew it when I saw you at the collection
You act sadder than grief, that number of the beast
It was every man on perfection
Then you went inside of heaven
And my love went to 11

NO!! WRONG. Way wrong.

There must be some single source that all these sites are pulling from, and it’s going to make all the kids get the wrong idea. The opening lines are actually AMAZING, so I’m setting the record straight:

Me and you, we got a true connection
I knew it when I saw your record collection
You had Sabbath and Priest and “Number of The Beast”
It was heavy metal perfection
Then you went “South of Heaven”
And my love went to 11 …

How could someone possibly publish lyrics that are so wrong? Worse yet, it seemingly publishes it across the internet like wildfire. I mean c’mon … whatever the original source of the wrong lyrics was cut out Black Sabbath, Judas Priest AND Slayer references in less than 50 words of misinterpretation. But they sorta got Maiden?

Also watch this.