White Sox Uniforms

No White Sox fan will tell you that he hates his team’s uniforms. That’s because none of us do. But you won’t really hear a Sox fan champion his team’s uniforms among the elite, either (Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers, et al). Well, maybe you will. But if you do, that person is a lying to your face. And he probably also thinks “Don’t Stop Believin’” is a good song. It’s not. It sucks. We can do better than Journey. Most of us.

What we have is just too … black and white. Too stark. Too blah. It’s missing something. C’mon, we have the most glorious mess of a uniform history of any franchise in sports! Sure, we’ve got classy stuff in the vaults. But we’ve got some of the most terrible skeletons in our closet as well. We’re innovators! Trial and error. And more error. Innovation is 99% trrbl uniform design right?

I was in grade school when the “new” White Sox uniforms were unveiled. It was at the time that it was all the rage to don Raiders and Kings gear. It was exciting! And THAT’S where the current Sox unis came from. I applaud them for tying in some of the franchise history (I mean just LOOK at those mid-to-late ’50s threads).

BUT I GET IT. They were capitalizing on a trend. They have to make money. They balanced the homage with raking in some cash. But I think it’s time to take a look at where we are now. The Raiders and Kings gear has gone back to being popular primarily among their fanbases — stark black, silver and white is no longer a nationwide trend.

It’s time for the White Sox to really come into their own now. Let’s add back what’s missing. We need a punch of color. South Siders don’t go for boring. But I’m not calling for a massive overhaul.

More than anything, I guess I just go back to those mid-to-late ’50s uniforms. They were so GREAT. It bums me out when I see what the White Sox are wearing now and compare it to where they’d be if they would have stuck with those. In my opinion, that was the golden era of the baseball uniform. Most of the classic designs were being established or were already well established by then. Dudes still showed their socks. Everything was fantastic. Check the examples just from, say, 1954:

New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers
Brooklyn Dodgers
New York Giants
Boston Red Sox
Philadelphia Phillies
Milwaukee Braves
St. Louis Cardinals
Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago Cubs
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Indians
Baltimore Orioles
Philadelphia Athletics
Washington Senators

Anyway … am I just going to whine and complain? Heck no.

Below are my ideas for what the White Sox SHOULD do with their uniforms. Like I said, there’s no major departure here. But these just feel to me like they’re adding what’s missing. Not just a nod to bygone eras, but a capturing of the spirit of the team’s history.

I could go into detail about where each of my ideas started. But my fingers hurt (Now my back’s going to hurt?). Suffice to say, each uniform is rooted in one from the past, but it’s modernized a bit. And I attempted to create some cohesion throughout all the concepts. I’m even willing to stick with one color palette throughout.



Primary home uniforms:

Primary Road Uniforms:

Alternate Uniform, #1:

Alternate Uniform, #2:

Alternate Uniform, #3: