Managerial Ineptitude

A lot of people like to think that weekly roster choices don’t really affect their fantasy squad all that much. That’s why so much emphasis is put on the draft. Allow my alarming inability to choose the correct tight end in one particular fantasy league to be exhibit 1A in an argument against that false notion. The two tight ends I have are Kellen Winslow of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Heath Miller of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Vince Clorthos TE Performances Through Week 11

BOLD = The TE I started that week
ITALIC = Points I left on the table by starting the wrong TE that week.

W/L Margin

1 11.5
10.0 1.5 29.0

2 20.5
3.5 17.0 43.5

3 2.5
(2.0) (24.5)

4 3.0
(20.0) (6.0)

5 26.5
(12.0) 9.0

6 3.5
(13.0) (18.0)

7 1.0
(5.0) 65.0

8 -* -* -* 7.0

9 13.0
(11.5) 12.0

10 13.5
4.0 9.5 (30.0)

11 4.5
(14.0) TBD

* – Both Winslow and Miller had a bye week during week 8, so I picked up Mercedes Lewis (JAX) from the waiver wire, who netted me a whopping 2.5 points that week. Luckily it doesn’t really matter since I won that week.

… so I have left a total of 78.5 points on the table due to starting the incorrect tight end. I have started the incorrect TE seven out of 11 weeks. Ouch. It has directly contributed to one loss (week 4), and this week may have the second such fate. I would have been within 5 points week 6 had I started the right TE. One other minor move away from a victory.

Think that doesn’t matter all that much? I am currently tied for first in my division at 6-4. I’m just on the correct side of the playoff cusp. It’s going to be a nail-biter right up until the end of the regular season to see if I get in the playoffs, though. But it didn’t have to be that way. I could easily have been cruising in with a would-be-league-leading 8-2 record.