Fast pizza that isn’t completely terrible

I’m in the mood for pizza. Yes, right now. I don’t want to order it. Because you can’t order good pizza in Des Moines. (Also I have none money.) I don’t ever buy frozen pizza. So what am I to do? Making a pizza is messy and painful, no?

Really it’s not too bad.

The Bears punted. I ran into the kitchen and threw into our KitchenAid mixer the following:

-2 tablespoons yeast
-1 cup water that is as hot as your faucet will get it
-1 tablespoon garlic powder
-1 tablespoon honey
-1 cup flour
-some salt (not too much?)

Mixed it on low. You know, until it looked consistent. Ran back into the TV room. I missed two plays.

Ran back and added to the mixture:

-1/4 cup olive oil
-another cup flour

Mixed again on low until it was consistent. Added another 1/2 cup flour while it was still mixing. Cranked up the mixer to high for a minute.

Checked the TV again. Missed one play and a commercial break. Kneaded the dough just for a bit while watching the Iggles punt. Divided it into two and placed into two separate covered bowls, where they’ll sit for 45 minutes. Probably about the beginning of the second half.

This is a slightly modified recipe I found on the innerwebs a few years back. So I didn’t completely make this up. It doesn’t make the best dough in the world, but it sure is quick. And it works.

When the dough is ready, I’ll have the oven preheated to 350. I’ll spread one chunk into a thin sheet in a pizza pan and throw it into the oven  for about 2.5 minutes — just enough time for it to harden a bit. After I take it out, I’ll spread the sauce over it (which will basically just be tomato paste, some olive oil and whatever spices I feel like quickly throwing into it).

Throw on the toppings and some (read: lots) cheese. Turn the oven up to 475 (!). Put the pizza in until most of the cheese turns brown.