More Stripes

Here are a few more songs that Erin recorded with the little digital camera. These are from the Aug. 24 show (Ryan’s birthday!), where we opened for The Brunettes. They were really nice (and really New Zealand-y?), although they had an epic sound check that delayed the show over an hour. They played on Ryan’s drums, so it was pretty cool seeing a “real” band playing drums with The Rugbies logo on the bass drum. This was also the first show where we weren’t the first band to play. We went second. Movin’ on up!

Anyway, here are the tunes. I’m not as happy with the mix that we had this time around. The electric guitar is too far to the front, and the vocals are kind of buried. Maybe we need to do an epic sound check next time. Ah well.

“This Is Not For Me”


“So Long”