First Fantasy Team of the Year

… it was an autopick draft that I barely moved around. Just the essentials, really. So you know I’m not kidding, I originally drafted TWO kickers. Who does that?

Here’s the rooster:

QB Jay Cutler, CHI
WR Andre Johnson, HOU
WR Reggie Wayne, IND
RB Matt Forte, CHI
RB Thomas Jones, NYJ
TE Greg Olsen, CHI
WR/RB Chad Johnson, CIN (I refuse to call him anything other than that)
K Ryan Longwell, MIN
DEF Dallas Cowboys

RB Willie Parker, PIT
RB Felix Jones, DAL
QB Matt Hasselbeck, SEA
WR Devin Hester, CHI
TE Anthony Fasano, MIA
RB LeSean McCoy, PHI

… I dropped the extra kicker and extra defense I got in the autopick like hot potatoes (I don’t remember who they were at all), and I picked up a couple New Yorkers from waivers:

RB Leon Washington, NYJ (Handcuff!)
WR Hakeem Nicks, NYG

Overall: Running backs aren’t that great, but at least I picked up Leon Washington if Thomas Jones is a complete disaster. Willie Parker isn’t the worst fallback in the world, either. He’d be better if he got some TDs.

I’m fairly confident in declaring, however, that you can’t mess with my starting WRs.






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