Are You Kidding Me?

Try to look past the fact that I already hate this fool. This is entering the completely ridiculous category. Jay Glazer says that from his time at the Viqueens camp, he’s pretty sure that Brett Favre will STILL become a Minnesota Viking this season.

So what does that matter? Some dude says some whacko wants to inflate his ego some more, and that is supposed to hold credence? Normally, I’d agree with that sentiment, but this is Jay Glazer we’re talking about here. Love or hate him, Glazer is rarely wrong.

You know, though, I kind of hope he’s right. I want this egomaniac exposed for what he is (I’m not sure who out there doesn’t yet recognize him as a demented narcissist, but you’re apparently out there somewhere). If Favre does in fact sign with the Vikings, ESPECIALLY after announcing publicly that he wouldn’t, who out there is still drinking the Favre-is-God Kool-Aid?

Favre is willing to piss his legendary status with the Evil Green Bay Packers away in exchange for one mediocre season with one of his team’s bitter rivals … a rival, which I might add, wears purple and calls a dilapidated dome its home.

I guess I’ll raise a glass to seeing this happen a few more times.

Please allow yourselves the comment area below for an open letter to Mr. Brett Favre.